Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Cure, for right now at least!

I am healing from a NASTY stomach bug or food poisoning or something.  Whatever it was it started late Saturday night.  I was either puking or sleeping or crying for the next 2 days.  Luckily the puking stopped late Sunday but the exhaustion continued until Monday.  When I say exhaustion I mean I COULD NOT wake up for anything, and I kept having crazy dreams.  Ugh!  It was awful!  SO whenever I get sick my depression loves to pop up and shake it's ugly ass for me.  Then the little beast worms around in my thoughts and tries to make me feel crazy.  It was successful.  Most of yesterday I spent crying and thinking depressing thoughts.  I know it's because I was sick, I missed one day of my meds and I am still recovering.  That doesn't make it easier to deal with though.  So today I discovered the cure for me, at least for now.  I went on You Tube and listened to a lot of angry rock music, ahh soothing for my soul!  I have no idea why it worked but I am feeling normal now and, dare I say, hopeful!  So blog here's a good tune to rev you up!


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