Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where did that chick go?

Hello Blogland!!! I am alive and sort of well! Yes I last posted in October. No, nothing major happened, just life got in the way. As another blogger stated, I don't have any advertisers and don't have to write this blog, so it's okay for my to take a break when I need it. I am hoping I can catch up and get back on track with writing this blog.
So how have you been? I have been busy as always. My family keeps growing up quickly and marching through life. Crafting keeps me sane and helps with the depression that loves to grow in the winter time. Sometimes I think I should move somewhere warm year round... However right now I have my windows thrown open and the fresh spring air is flowing through my house. I am even inspired to go get some Mrs. Meyer's and start some spring cleaning!
I have been on a jewelry kick lately. I love wearing noisy and bright jewelry. It makes me smile! I'm only 40 but I plan on being the kooky old lady who never matches!
So dearest blog, I am sorry I neglected you for so long and I hope to not let that happen again!

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