Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cancer really is a bitch!

Recently I have come to find out that several people I know are dealing with the bitch called cancer. My BFF is dealing with the boob cancer, and she inspires me every day. My Mom's BFF's husband recently got diagnosed with stomach cancer, and it doesn't look good. Then today I found out that a young (she's 20) co-worker of mine has stage 3 ovarian cancer. WTF?!? What is the point of cancer? And why is getting so many people I care about recently? It also scares me because I wonder who is next... My Mom fought breast cancer and kicked it's ass a few years ago. She caught it early and it responded well to treatment. Now I'm watching so many other people having to fight cancer. It gets me pissed off. Cancer needs to disappear, now. I wish I could buy a ton of these:

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