Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Oh My... the time does fly! I feel so crappy for letting my little blog slip. I decided to really make an effort of keeping up with my blog, even if no one reads it. It gives me an opportunity to write and share about my life. So I enjoy it. My work schedule has slowed down but my life is still pretty insane. I focus on some points:
-I am so sick of cancer, it needs to go away. I have way too many friends/ people I know who have been diagnosed lately. Fuck cancer!
- My oldest daughter's birthday is Saturday, I can't believe she'll be 11 years old. She has asked to watch a horror movie, it will be her first. Any suggestions?
- How does laundry multiply so freakin' fast in my house? I never get to the bottom of the pile!
- I can feel my depression wanting to rear it's ugly head so I am trying to keep on top of it. I normally have a hard time in fall/ winter so I am aware of it and plan on not allowing it to get out of control.
That about it for now.

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