Monday, October 17, 2011

Zombie and life

So did anyone else watch The Walking Dead on AMC? I am so happy it's back! I almost never get invested in a t.v. show because I have a hard time keeping up when I miss nights. However, after last season's addiction to this kick-ass show I am proud to say I'm a Walking Deadhead! I LOVE zombie movies, yes even the crappy ones, but I'm always wondering what happens to the characters after the movie ends? The Walking Dead lets me follow those survivors, big sigh.... So yes folks, you should tune into this!

On another note, the spawn and I had a blast at the folk festival. We didn't go both days but made it there on Sunday. It was, as always, so much fun! We watched a hot dog eating contest, caught some great music, spawn-made crafts, and cool vendors. The weather was perfect and we just had fun!
I also got to meet my newest nephew last night. Babies smell so freakin' good! He's fat and gorgeous. I am COMPLETELY done with pushing out more babes but man is it fun to hang out with one! The little toes, the grins, the drool.... So over all I had a pretty good weekend!

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