Thursday, August 25, 2011

If the house is a shakin'

Yep we felt the big ole' earthquake of 2011. I thought my neighbor's were towing a car then as it got louder I thought they accidentally hit my house. I ran outside with my two oldest kids and we saw nothing. By then the shake stopped and neighbors were coming out of their houses too. We all had a "What the Hell was that?!%^@?" look on our faces. After a bit the t.v. news told us what happened. Our local news was SO excited to have such BIG news happening! Over all it was a small bit of shaking and I had nothing fall off a shelf or anything. By the way, I'm about 30 or 40 miles from the epi-center. So it wasn't that much of a deal, here at least.
On a different note, summer is rapidly closing. I swear I almost smelled fall in the air this morning! I can't believe we are so close to fall! I love fall! I love the colors, the smells, but most of all Halloween!!! I LOVE Halloween so much! I love the decorations and the spookiness and the fun! I'm so happy!!!

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

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