Thursday, August 16, 2012

Proud of My Size Link Party

Once again Rachele over at has a terrific idea! She started a link party for bloggers of ALL sizes to show off how proud they are of themselves and how fashionable they are! I'm not a big fashionista but I am struggling with loving myself so I felt I had to join in!

I found this dress at Ross. I love a cute summer dress and this one fit well and is so comfy! Plus I think I look kind cute in it!

Please join in the fun!



  1. Read your about me and we have a lot in common! You look great and I hope your confidence in fashion grows, it's a lot of fun to play dress-up all the time! ;)

  2. Thanks Jenni! We really do have a lot in common, another lady as crazy as I am to have 5 kids! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. You do look great in that dress...I love maxi dresses. They are fun and easy to dress up or down.

  4. Thank you Arya! I love how comfy the dress is, and I still look nice! Almost like a fancy version of sweatpants....


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