Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh Boy!

Summer is officially started in our house! Yea!!! Graduation ceremonies have been held, final exams are finished, and the kids are so excited! I always loved the beginning of summer feeling, so many possibilities await! So now for some pics!
I am going to be in so much trouble, just look how beautiful my girlies are:

On another note, I want to join some sort of blog challenge or link party but I haven't decided which one to go for. I like the idea of challenging myself daily. Are there any out there you like to do?

I also want to really stock up my etsy store. I have a tendency to give away my crafts, but I'd really like to sell some too! Maybe I should challenge myself to some sort of craft challenge. Also, what is the deal with this new t.v. show?


How did I miss this? My BFF Dede and I MUST get on this show! I will definitely be glued to the t.v.!

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  1. R, M, and I watch this show. We should get together and make it a mother-daughter affair! gmt


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