Monday, August 8, 2011

Wheeee! What a Crazy weekend!

I am finally not running crazy and am able to post again. This weekend was a whirlwind. Friday my family and I went to the amusement park. Saturday we tried to recover. Sunday we went to my parent's town. While there we saw my oldest son's Shakespeare performance, it was amazing! We finally brought him home after 3 weeks of camp and left my youngest son with my parents for a week. Next weekend will be the first time I will have all of my spawn together since the begining of summer! Summers are always insane around here. But let me show you how much fun we had!
We went on lots of rides! My youngest rode her first big roller coaster and loved it! Of course she still loves the easier going rides too!

I'm not sure why, but NASA was there. They had several tents where kids could do activities and learn about NASA. It was really fun! We even got an autograph of a real astronaut! Here's my son looking at one of the telescopes they had:

We rode on lots of rides:

We walked way too much. We drank our weight in water because of the heat. And we had a fantastic time!

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