Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lovely Lazy Days...

Today has been one of those great lazy days. I had to get up a bit early, but other than that it's been wonderful. I have barely cleaned anything in my house. It may look a bit crappy but I feel happy. I have stayed in my "only in the house" clothes all day, bra free, heaven... I've hung out with my husband and two of my kids. The other kids are off at camp and sleepovers. We are going to stay up late and watch horror movies. Any great suggestions? Thankfully I got a nice nap in! I don't get many lazy days, so believe me I am taking advantage of this!
I have been dabbling all day on the computer. My latest love is Pinterest! Have you seen it? I have had the most fun "pinning" things I like over the past few days. I even made a board just of things that make me smile, for the hard days, here are a few for you to enjoy as well

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