Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cleaning Urges, but I'm NOT pregnant!!!!

Yes, after pushing out five little miracles from my hoochie I am pretty aware when I am pregnant. Besides, after the last one we did some, um, more permanent measures to avoid pregnancy for the rest of our lives. So WTF is up with my nesting/ cleaning urges lately? I'm wondering if it's because school is coming up, THANK GOD!!!! And the mini-monsters will be headed off to learnin' and I feel a need to be organized for this? I am also going back to work tomorrow so maybe that's it?
So far in the past few days I have completely cleaned my bedroom, caught up on ALL laundry ( a miracle of it's own!), re-organized and cleaned my cleaning closet, and now I am tackling my 16 year old's bedroom. What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment! Whatever the reason I am trying to take advantage of this because who knows when it might strike again!
So on that note I leave you with one of my favorite commercials of all time:


  1. If you get done with your house but still have that cleaning urge, let me know and I'll fly you to GA. ;)


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