Sunday, May 29, 2011

Date Night with my Old Man!

Last night the old man and I went out for a fun date night. We were celebrating his BFF's birthday. We went out to a little Mexican restuarant and stuffed our faces. I love fajitas, chicken especially. I also love when they come sizzling to the table. After dinner we saw The Hangover 2. It was pretty much exactly what I thought it would be, a raunchy good time. I am one of the rare people who have not seen the first one but I don't think it caused me to enjoy the second one any less. I am glad it wasn't in smell-o-vison though, it looked like there would be a funk on that movie.

The rugrats did fairly well staying home alone. We bribed them with pizza and threats. That and having five billion electronic things to do seemed to help. Over all it was a really nice night. We really should go out more as a couple though. I've always admired couples who manage to get out together often. But with 16 years of wedlock I guess we're doing okay.

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