Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer, what summer?

Is it me or is this summer flying by? I can't believe we are almost halfway through July already! My friends from England are coming over at the end of this month. I can't wait to se one of my oldest friends and her family again! We got our tickets to Busch gardens. My kids are so freakin' excited about it. I am too if I say so myself. I love roller coasters. but I do have to admit as I get older they do get a little more scary. Oh well, I force myself on them anyway. We are thinking about letting the older boys go off my themselves this year. We'll give them a cell phone and meeting places to check in at. I think they'll really love it.

My sister is moving this weekend. Her new little house is just about ready. Her contractor is amazing. We might even hire him to build us a room downstairs. Then my husband and I could stay downstairs and all of the kids will be upstairs. It would also give the boys their own rooms. The girls will have to share for a while longer. He would also re-do our floors. Our carpets suck. Five kids and two dogs ruin a carpet like nothing else.
I am waiting to hear back about a possible upcoming craft opportunity. If all works out I will be here: It's a tradition here in Richmond and tons of people come to it. So fingers crossed! I'm working on my record cuffs. I need to polish them a bit more but I am very happy with how they are coming out!

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