Monday, June 22, 2009


Sweet summer, how I love thee! I'll deal with the bugs, the sunburns, and the sweating, just keep the heat on! Two of my spawn are up at Grandma's & Grandad's house for the week. The oldest is at a Shakespeare Camp, and the youngest at a camp for the week. Father's Day was fun, sent Grandad and Dad out for breakfast by themselves. Then hung out for a while and then drove home. I got a new Mio GPS system, it's so freakin' fun!

Oh, I also got a new-to-me car! A white minivan,it looks naked without any bumperstickers. I must get some. I also have to figure out a name for the car, I am feeling The Beast. The kids love the interior, no weird smells. And it has a functioning air conditioner! I'm feeling pretty satisfied about now....

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