Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today is my last free Saturday before I go back to work, ugh... I like my job, I really do I just hate the timing of it. I work part-time at a local college as weekend manager of a store on campus. That sounds so fancy doesn't it? I am the weekend manager of the Quickie Mart of my campus. We are a convenience store that sells more than your usual convenience store stuff. In addition to the usual crap we have lots of organic and natural foods. Big shoulder shrug... The college kids love our store and spend a lot of their dining money in my store. Unfortunately my schedule means I work every weekend. As a Mom the weekends are the fun times. That's when the sleepovers happen, the festivals happen, and the staying up late watching movies happen. I miss that, a lot. I'm there for the weeknights, when homework has to be done, they have after school activities and go to sleep on time. Sometimes I get so jealous of my husband being able to do the fun stuff with the spawn. However no money has dropped from the sky into my lap so I will be reporting back to work on Friday.

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