Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mi Vida Loca

I miss my computer!!!!!! I miss being able to just jump on and do my thing anytime I want to. Urgh! We are seeing if our computer can be salvaged at all, so fingers crossed!
Meanwhile in mi vida loca, life goes on. My oldest is really getting serious about applying for colleges. It's a very surreal experience. I work part-time at a ;local university and work often around college kids. Needless to say I've been getting all kinds of advice for the application procedure.
My second son is swimming through his sophomore year at high school. He is most excited about the Japanese club resuming. He really has a fascination with Japan and everything about it. Luckily they teach Japanese at his school. He's in his 2nd year and loving it.
My youngest son joined the FIRST robotics team at his school. He has always been a builder and now he'll get to participate in building robots and having competitions with them.
My oldest daughter has joined the FCCLA club and is trying out for the Glee club. She tried out for the basketball team but didn't make the cut. She handled it pretty well though. Her biggest problem right now is trying to pick the perfect song to audition with for the Glee club.
My youngest daughter has asked to be a cheerleader. Even thought the though makes my stomach churn we are going to let her do it. She is thrilled. She is also doing so much better in school now that her learning disability has been diagnosed and ealt with. She gets extra help with her reading and it has made worlds of difference!
My old man is on call for the next week. This means he lives next to the on-call phone and goes out any time. I like the overtime that it comes with, but miss the hell out of seeing him.
As for myself, I am recovering from a cold. I blame my job. I am constantly going and coming. I really do feel like a taxi driver sometimes, but no tips. My depression is under control, but I am keeping an eye on it. I tend to go down a bit in the colder months so this year I am trying to stay on top of it.
I have been crafting but don't have a way to upload any pictures yet, so you'll just have to hold on a bit longer. I have missed you blog! My favorite holiday is coming up though!!!! HALLOWEEN!! Now it's almost time for us to decorate. The costumes have been discussed and even worked on a little already! So far we have: Rocketman, zombie princess, and Coraline... I love Halloween so much!

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