Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fun with Nails!

While recovering I am still being slightly crafty. My daughters and I had a blast yesterday painting and designing nail decorations. We surfed pinterest for some ideas then went to town! My youngest daughter choose to go with a cupcake theme and my oldest went with a marble effect. So here is a tutorial for the cupcake nails:
Start with clean dry nails. Paint the tips of the nail the color you would like for the cupcake liner. We choose blue with purple stripes.

Then paint a semicircle of white on top. Dip down a few times to get the effect of icing dripping over the edges of the liner.

Then decorate your cupcake. We just put a few dashes of yellowish color for sprinkles. Of course after you decorate add a "cherry" of red nail polish on top. Cover with a clear coat to make it last a bit and enjoy!

As for my other daughter's nail we didn't take during pictures so I will have to write a tutorial another day but here's how they turned out:

We had so much fun doing this!

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