Saturday, August 11, 2012

Part 2! Yes, finally!

Excuse me getting a bit redneck here. At the Sweet Dreams festival my youngest son won some tickets. He won tickets to a monster truck show! I was born in Georgia, and raised in Virginia most of my life. I think of myself as a Southern gal, but I have NEVER been to a monster truck show! My youngest son also had never been to one. So, since the price was right we attended our first ever monster truck show!
The crowd was HUGE!

I knew it was popular but I had no idea just how popular it really was! My son was a little unsure of what the show would be like

These folks come prepared! The bleachers were full before we even got there. Luckily I had a blanket in my car that we sat on. I think we got pretty good seats. The hill facing us was called Redneck Hill, no joke!

They did have several food trucks around. We went for the awesome funnel cake!

It was very loud when the trucks took off. Basically they raced each other then had a crazy wild run section. We also saw Megasuarus, a tank like thing that a dinosaur unfolds out of and eats cars. It got a lot of cheering.
Over all it was fun time, not sure I'll ever go to another one but I am glad I went!

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