Friday, August 24, 2012

Hometown Love

I've seen version of this embroidery all over the web. I love my hometown, RVA! So what better way than to embroidery it?

Here's a close up view:

This was a cute and simple embroidery. I googled an outline of Virginia and sketched it out. It hangs on my Hoopla wall representing hometown pride!


  1. I love that! :) I've thought about doing something like this myself but can't decide which hometown to go with: where I grew up or where I've lived the past 8 years and now consider home. :P

  2. I wasn't born here but have lived here for the past 27 years so I figured it counts! I'd go with either, or maybe make both!

  3. Too cute... and it reminds me of the times when my husband use to cross stitch, yes he's a weirdo...

  4. He's not a weirdo. There are tons of men who do needlework, my favorite is Mr. XStitch. Thanks for the compliment!


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