Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is it a generational thing?

Sorry for the absence bloggie, thanks to those fantastic storms on the East coast and summer life in general I have neglected you again.
The other day one of my BFFs and I were talking about our parents and their weird quirks. She and I have discovered we had something in common. Despite a 15 or so year age difference in our parents they both do something that drives us nuts. Her Dad and my Mom have a tendency not to refrigerate food items that should be refrigerated after opening. Stuff like condiments. The bottle has it written very clearly on the label "Refrigerate after opening" This seems simple enough to us. Have our parents suffered because they did not follow directions? Not that we know of but still! I have just enough OCD tendencies to have this habit drive me crazy! So when I went up to my parents I looked in the pantry to see if Mom still does this bad habit. Here is what was in her pantry that was not supposed to be:


I guess some habits never die.....


  1. LOL I don't refrigerate about half the things in this picture and have never had an issue. :) I also don't refrigerate leftover pizza and have never died from it. ;)

  2. I know it's probably just fine but it's the little things that drive me crazy you know? As for pizza, my kids have eaten many a piece leftover from the counter and are also just fine.


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