Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Oh So Quiet.....

I work at a local university. I only work during the school year so my time at work is coming to an end until August. I love not having to working but I hate not getting paychecks... So this week, after an insane weekend at work I have been home. When the spawn head off to school and my only company are my two crazy dogs I can take a few minutes to chill and catch up with life in my mind. I have been doing some much needed deep cleaning, like our fridge that should have been condemned. So now I'd like to catch you, my blog, in what's up in my life. My oldest son is going to PROM!!!! I can't believe I am old enough to have a kid going to PROM! I also can't believe how expensive the accouterments for PROM are! Luckily my son is riding with a friend, so no limo cost. However that still leaves: corsage, dinner, dance tickets, tux rental, etc. and etc. Ouch. That will hurt our pocket but will be well worth it! Now that I am no longer working during the weekdays I can finally schedule a ton of doctor's appointments I have needed to make. Plus my whole family needs to see the dentist. I have been terrified of the dentist for a while and would LOVE to see one of those sedation dentistry places if I could afford it! The Old Man found out he has sleep apnea, which I knew. So he has to go back in one more night then he will be getting a machine. I don't mean to sound sickeningly sweet but I wonder if he will still be able to snuggle with me at night? The youngest spawn was filled with joy on report card day. I could hear her calling me from the bus stop! Thanks to her hard work and her special ed reading class her reading grade went from a F to a C!!! You should have heard the house cheering! It was so adorable!!! Yes, Virginia I am still crafting! I recently finished a rooster embroidery but am not happy with the way it came out. It looks like a country chicken. I'll post pictures as soon as I can find the camera! I am also working on a Asian dragon embroidery. I like it so far! Ditto on the pictures. That should catch you up for now! Adois!


  1. C- I suck! sorry i haven't called hope your days are calm!!


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