Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spawn Attack!

Ahh spring break.... A lovely time when all the spawn are home and I neglect my blog. My kids are keeping me on my toes and to add to the fun my husband has a MAN COLD!!!! Oh no, not that! Yes my dears, 'tis true my husband needs to be babied as well this week. So far I have dragged the kids out to the park for a walk that took way too long because we got lost in the woods, fun! I am still massaging my sore calf muscles from that one! I also have kicked them out of the house to play with neighbors the majority of the time. Today we are going down to the river to play on the rocks and hopefully not get lost again! I also have to stop by the post office because I am the lamest swap partner EVER! I still have not sent off my Wild Olive swap yet. I have no excuse other than I am eternally busy and I feel awful about it. What's so ridiculous is that I finished my embroidery for the swap ages ago but just haven't gotten to the frickin' post office. I suck.
So sweet blog, until next time!

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