Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rockin' Out With My Boys!!!!

This past Saturday I took my oldest and youngest sons to a local radio station's concert. The bands that played were: Middle Class Rut, Civil Twilight, Neon Trees, Cage the Elephant, and Cake. It started out a bit rough for us but soon enough we were having a blast!
I have to say my favorite band by far were the Neon Trees. Cage the Elephant were my second favorite. I love bands that obviously have fun putting on a show.
We even got autographs of both of the Neon Trees and Cage the Elephant. Here's the Neon Trees signing my sons' shirt:
It was so much fun! I think my feet are just now starting to recover after standing on asphalt for around 8 hours, ugh! I'm so glad we went!

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