Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday all ready?

Damn. You see I work every day except Wednesdays and Thursdays. So the "beginning" of my work week starts on Fridays. Ugh, back to work I go....
Before I go though, how about a quick life update? I am working on my first tutorial but having a lot more mistakes than anticipated so hopefully it won't take me too long. My older daughter is getting glasses and is SO excited about them. I think she'll look fabulous!
I am trying to get healthier one tiny step at a time. My first step was to drink my required water every day. I took care of that by lugging around a 50 oz bottle of smart water that I refill daily. So far I've noticed my skin seems a bit more hydrated and my sinus' seem clearer, and of course I have pee a ton. I also bought a pedometer but I have to fix mine. It registers every time I move my hips as a step. I do a lot of dancing in place. So I want to see if I can fix it or if I need to get a better pedometer. Next week I am adding walking my dogs around my neighborhood once a week. My insane dogs will love that and believe me it's a workout! My husband wants to buy the P90X system but I say let's start with smaller, more realistic steps first.
As for my depression I am definitely on an upswing. I feel so normal and hopeful! It's just so great to feel normal again... I'm loving life right now!
So off to work I go, but crafts run 'round my mind the whole time! So I carry a little notebook with me to jot down or sketch any crafty ideas that pop up. Plus if I hit a blank on what to make next I just look into my ideas book and viola! Have a great weekend!

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