Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fuzzy Face

"Not the beard!" as said by Gimli in Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring I have a weakness when it comes to men, beards! Yes I am a beard FAN! I don't know when it started but I really enjoy men with beards of all kinds. My sweet husband is definitely one of those men! He has been growing a beard since December and it was beautiful! It was thick, fuzzy, soft, and I loved every hair in it. Then the warm weather started to come back. My husband works for our local utilities and is outside most of the time. So he gave me a warning that he was shaving it off but I begged and begged him not to. He kept it for a while longer but last night did the deed. Here is my sweet husband before:
And here he is after:
Okay he kept some of it but it's not the same! I feel like I'm kissing a stranger! However my hubby promised he will grow it back when it gets cold again, sigh....

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