Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Man down! Man down!!!

Oh Noooooosssss! My sucky old camera won't turn on again. So I can't show you some of my latest works. Last time she (my camera) did this she stopped working for a bit then randomly started working again. So who knows?
I have been insanely busy lately. Running non-stop is exhausting. Today was my first day off in a week and I had TONS of household chores to do. So of course I did almost none of them but watched trash t.v. and napped, big sigh. Laundry will never get caught up so all you can do is keep chipping away at it. Dishes will always be dirtied so don't stress if your sink gets full. And on and on....
I'm waiting on warmer weather, can't wait to open my windows and air out my house. Plus I'll switch to Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena flavored cleaner, smells so springish to me.
So I guess this post is filed under Misc. Well dear blog, I'm off to try to relax and go to bed......

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