Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm still around, sort of

Not having my camera makes me feel like I'm missing an arm or something! I have been crafting but can't share any of it with anyone! It's very frustrating.
On a happier note, I am off work for a week and two days, yea!!! The Hubs is on call so that means I can't work. Plus I took off this weekend coming up to attend one of my FAVORITE annual events her in RVA:

This is a FREE music event that I LOVE going to! The spawn and I have so much fun each year. Unfotunately I missed it last year because I didn't ask off work in time but this year I remembered! If you are anywhere close by I highly recommend you check it out!
Halloween is quickly approaching and the hunt has begun for costumes. I am a HUGE believer in making your own costume, but last year I lamented and let my daughters get made costumes. So I was sure this year they would go for the home-mad look again but I was wrong. The stupid ad for Party City did me in, why oh why do they send that to my house? My youngest wants to be a vampire and my oldest daughter wants to be a cowgirl. My 13 year old wants to be SkyBlu from LMFAO

Sure, no problem.... I do love a challenge! Ta ta my lovies!

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