Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yea! It's Back!

My camera made its' way home thanks to the mail and my Mom! So I was able to download some pictures from this past weekend. We attended the Sweet Dreams Festival and it was a blast!
There are tons of fun things for everyone to do. There was also a lot of free Hershey's products everywhere! My Twizzler addicted son even got enough! The only problem is that it was SO freakin' hot!!! There were a lot of people giving out water but it was still so hot!
There were inflated play things:

There was also laser tag! It was located right next to the cornhole tournament, that name still makes me laugh.

My rugrats also went on the climbing wall. My youngest was ready:

She made it almost to the top!

My son made it to the top, but I don't have a picture of that. Here he is on the wall:

We also participated in the bubble blowing contest, but none of us won. I was blowing huge bubbles until the contest started then itty-bitty ones... We also got to look at lots of vendors. It was a great festival that I highly recommend if you are near the area at all next year. I am keeping my fingers crossed it won't be a million degrees again though! After all our fun there the fam' went to the lake and cooled off for hours. It was a super fun weekend!

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