Friday, June 10, 2011

WTF was I thinking?

As school winds down, the need for parent volunteers goes up. I spent all morning at my daughter's school standing in the sun, in almost 100 degree heat, running a bocce game for field day! I did think ahead enough to wear my cowboy hat to keep the sun off my face and neck, and I also applied sunscreen. However, I completely forgot the freakin' water for myself!!! I remembered it for my daughter but not for myself. At one point another parent volunteer brought me a glass of "orange drink" I was so thirsty I swallowed it down in one gulp. Thankfully field day started to wind down around noon and I was able to go inside and drink about a gallon of water from the fountain.
In addition to today's field day, my other daughter's field day is Monday and do you know who volunteered? This gal!!!! Seriously, WTF was I thinking? I will also be there Wednesday to help with an "ice cream party" Thankfully Wednesday is also the last full day of the year! Yea!!!!!
I also dropped cupcakes off at youngest daughter's class. Her 8th birthday is tomorrow! I can't believe my baby spawn will be 8 years old! For her birthday she wants to take some friends to see the Judy Moody movie, which I think looks cute as hell! We probably won't be able to hit the theaters until next weekend though...
I forgot to mention that someone turned the AC down to 68 degrees last night. This in turn caused my AC to freeze up and stop working. When I woke up at 6 a.m. it was already 79 in the house! So I had to cut it off and let it defrost. Hopefully that will work and we can cool off a bit.
Can I just say the a mojito, or two, or three are looking so good............

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