Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thrift store are the best!

I love thrift stores, all kinds! I love browsing and digging and finding treasure. I do so many crafts that I up cycle so I find lots of supplies there. I do have one favorite one here in town. It's a religious thrift store, the kind where everyone has tattoos and looks rough. But then you look closer and the motorcycle dude is wearing a shirt that says "Satan sucks!!!" Their muzak is set on a religious station. Sometimes I find myself singing along, a good sign I spend way too much time there. One time when I brought my purchases up to the counter the cashier was angrily ripping up a book and tossing it in the trashcan. She looked at me and told me it was the Book of Mormon that someone had donated. As she put it, "We only worship ONE God here!" I fully expected her to pour gas on it and light it but she didn't. I love that thrift store, but I do go to lots of them.
Today I thought I'd share some of my latest thrift store finds.
These are some hot shoes and the coolest cowboy hat:

And then there's Spike! This is an amazing find! He is a metal dog sculpture, complete with spiked collar, boingy tail, and yes balls. Just when you think he's cool enough, you can open up his butt and put a candle in it! Yessssss!!!!!

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