Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just put a whole bunch of new necklaces up at my shop (check it out at I am so happy with my lightbox! I followed directions from It was so easy and cheap! The whole box folds flat so I can tuck it away and keep it safe from the rugrats and dogs. Next I am going to work on something to hold my finished necklaces. I want to make some kind of rack or peg thing. I'll keep you posted!

On another note, when is the rain going to stop? I am ready to start planning my garden. But the ground is so wet there's no point yet. I want to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, green beans, and some herbs. I had an herb garden out front of my house but some damn neighborhood cat claimed it as their litterbox and killed them all, urgh! Anyone have any natural ways to keep cats from doing that? I never caught the boogar in action, just found the evidence. I'll search the internet for ideas...

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