Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring cleaning?

Is it still considered spring cleaning if you do it on Memorial Day? The fam & I spent most of yesterday cleaning our house. We got our bedrooms, long overdue. I mean i actually dusted! I also cleaned our front room. Whew. Now I still need to get the rest of the house and the yard, no biggie...
I did get the paper yesterday and they had three pages of soldiers who had died in Iraq. The oldest one was 47 and the youngest was 18, just 18. It was such a sad thing. Whatever your stance on what happens over there, it is just sad about how many people die.
I also did go to roller derby benefit on Friday night. It was so nice to reconnect with my derby sisters! The bands were fun and the shots were delicious! I have discovered I really like Lemon shots, yummy!
So how's that for a weird posts? I covered cleaning, Iraq, and roller derby! Yay for my weird thinking!

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