Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Last Day! (Sort-of)

Today is my last day of work! At least until September. I work at a local university so I am off for the summer. It works out well for me to be off those months. With the spawn in summer I am running around constantly. They all go to camps and visit the grandparents individually and we go to Busch Gardens, the beach, and local spots. The kids are already begging me to take them to the Riva' so we can climb on the rocks. We'll have to wait for the stinking water to go down a lot until we can do that.

On a side note, we are getting a dumptruck load of dirt delivered on Wednesday! When we moved into this house, 2 years ago, there was an above ground pool here. I got rid of it immediately. I did not want to deal with the upkeep, repair, and my kids are very adventerous. So we have had a big hole in yard. We lovingly refer to it as the sand pit. When it rains it makes a nice disgusting pond, perfect for mosquito breeding. So finally we are getting topsoil! I plan on putting my garden there. I can't wait to not have that hole there!

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